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  • A.I. Sheath for Cattle Insemination

    1. Suitable for 0.25 ml & 0.5 ml semen straw. 2. Suitable for all kinds of A.I. gun sold on the market more
  • Boar Semen Bottle

    1) Made by medical grade LDPE polyethylene2) Soft, heat-resistant and tear-resistant3) High transparency, clear scale and no leakage. more
  • Veterinary Long Sleeve Glove

    1. Soft and durable,2. Rational design and can be used easily3. Low price more
  • Disposable Plastic Shoe Cover

    Prodecting the shoes and trousers when working in dirty circumstance more
  • Boar Semen Bag

    1 ) Newly spring automatic filling and sealing, time-saving and labor-saving2 ) Standard filling capacity, convenient filling3 ) Patented product, hanging hole designE-mail: more
  • Foam Head Insemination Catheter for Pig

    1. Catheter made of new international standard PP material, moderate length, transparent and soft, it does not hurt the uterus 2. Sponge head using high quality foam, density uniformity 3. Good flexible, free to bend more
  • Boar Semen Filter Paper

    1. It is rich in good permeability with dense and strong2. Unbleached, nontoxic, does not effect the sperm quality of the boar more
  • A.I. Gun for Cattle

    1) Push rod is fixed, 12.5cm of length2) Made by quality stainless steel.3) Reusable4) Long use life5) Lock strong6) Simple lock and unlock. more
  • Insemination Frame for Pig

    Can be used to hang semen catheter, bottle and bag. Without waiting for the operator, save time, improving the efficiency of hybridization. more
  • Post-cervical Insemination Catheter

    Ideal for pig artificial insemination, increase the conception rate 18%, 100% imported new material, Sterilized, Soft probe, Individually packed more
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