Choosing Jiangs, is choosing profession.

Guangxi Jiangs Animal Products Co., Ltd was founded by Mr. Jiang Ruming in 1998.

Mr. Jiang Ruming, a professor of Guangxi University on animal academy of sciences now. Professor Jiang was graduated from China Agriculture University on animal reproduction in 1983, and was a visiting scholar at Lincon Agricultural University in New Zealand from1986-1988. In addition to being a chairman of the company, professor Jiang was also a council member of China Animal Reproduction Society, council member of Guangxi Animal Science & Veterinary Medicine Society, member of expert committee for cattle and pig breed improvement in Guangxi. Mr. Jiang invented his first “simple inseminator for pig” (Patent No.:87 2 11786.3) in 1986 and had been guiding the refreshing and improvement of products for the insemination of large domestic animals in China. Now he has invented more than twenty new products for the insemination and obstetrics in domestic animals. The products are popular among customers and are sold at home and abroad.

Jiangs original factory was located in ShiBu, Nanning, later moved to B-5 Yiling Industrial Zone, Nanning for the corporate growth in 2006, and officially changed its name to Nanning Jiangs AnimalProducts Ltd. In 2007, Jiangs were qualified with self-managed import and export permission and exported products to Spain Magapor at the same year. After two times project construction, now has more than 8000 ㎡ workshop and warehouse. The equipments includes plastic membrane, glove, plastic tube making, bottle making, packaging and sterilizing etc. Products are widely used for livestock, such as cattle, pig, sheep, horses and donkeys . Some of the products are original invented by professor Jiang and have independent paten.       


In 2013, Jiangs was invited by Ministry of Agriculture, to participate in the relevant meetings organized by Ministry of Agriculture, of developing China Instrument Product Standard, and become the first members in the industry. Jiangs offer advice of standard of the company, for developing a standard for China veterinary instrument product.   


Looking into the future, Jiangs will be more efforts to provide professional service and high quality products to reward our users at home and abroad and long-term support of the company.

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